About - Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk


Nikon ambassador

Profoto influencer


Fine art photography

Gemmy is a Dutch artist.

After she graduated as Goldsmith, she studied Multi media design.

In March 2016 photography changed her life.

Attracted to the light, which was used by painters of the golden age. Her great passion for painting and drawing was refound in photography.

Combining the Chiaroscuro principle, and the Sfumato technique, she uses dark and light contrasts to create depth. Through layering colors and tones she creates soft and imperceptible transitions.

Combined with the love for humans and animals and a strong creative urge, a nowadays portrait in the light of the past is born.

Gemmy, born mid-seventies, is a mother of 5 kids, a 100% coffee addict, autodidact, a sensitive and caring artist, with a never ending creative urge.

And always patient to catch the ‘other side’ of a person.

If you would you like to have a beautiful portrait of your child? A personal artwork? Or maybe you have another question? Feel free to ask: info@gemmywoudbinnendijk.nl



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