9 & 10 April, Nijmegen 2022 , The Netherlands

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A two-day intensive Masterclass

Learn the complete process of;

* Creating concepts

* Planning shoots

* Collecting and making props

* Finding models

* Various studio light setups 

* Storytelling

* Editing workflow

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Day one :

We start at 09.30 in the morning. After the introduction, we'll go through the process of creating and pre-planning a shoot.

I'll show you BTS and in-depth explanations from shoots and projects I did in the past.

And how to find and realize creative ideas for photoshoots, applicable on

customer or private shoots.

After that, we will go more in-depth with preparing the set, what things to keep in mind and how to get organized during shooting.

We are also going to take a look at different light setups, and I'll show you my most commonly used light setups, and how I light a scene.

After lunch, we'll have the whole afternoon for shooting.

There will be three different sets with props, professional models in period costumes,  and a still life setup.

All sets will have various light setups with different modifiers, to learn stylized photographic techniques.

Every attendee will have his/her own time to shoot their own story and create portfolio images.

The first workshop day ends at approximately. 17.00/17.30 hr.

At 19.00 it's dinner time in a good restaurant in Nijmegen,  a nice and relaxed end of day one.

Learn to create stories, learn to see the light and capture your vision.

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Day two

Day two will also start at 09.30 in the morning.

This day will be completely dedicated to the post-processing part.

We'll be going through my full workflow of editing from the raw file to the fully post-processed artwork.

The post-processing will be on a medium to advanced level

(Capture one + mainly Photoshop).

If you have any doubts about your Photoshop skills, please let me know, so we can send some helpful links to follow along during the workshop.

At the end of day two, you'll know how I do my skin work, color grading, and a lot of helpful tips and tricks for editing.

The day will end at approximately 17.30 hr.

Dive into this full two day intensive experience

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Meet the team


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Image maker Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk infuses the luscious beauty of Old masters paintings into her fine art photography.

Drawing inspirations from her years as a painter, Gemmy creates portraits and scenes with a camera.

Her imaginative concepts meticulous planning, and attention to every detail results in painterly artworks.


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Nadia is a professional high-end hair and Make-up artist.

She is highly experienced in the field of film, commercials, and photography, and well known for her hair and makeup magic.

She will tell and show you the advantage of working with a hair and make-up stylist and give away her best tips and tricks.


Kidstorical is one of the most experienced costume designers in Holland, specializing in the historical period.

They know everything about styling, fabrics, and creating the most beautiful costumes. Kidstorical has almost a  lifelong experience with theater, film, and photography.

She will share all her knowledge and understanding of how to style a model. During the first workshop day, she makes sure everything is perfectly balanced with the image you want to create or the story you want to tell.


Project Inside out

* Two intensive days of learning about styling, color, light, and postprocessing

* Creating your own set, combining the old masters' light with various styling twists.

* Shooting unique portraits in a painterly style

* Various themes and light setups

* Professional models

* High-end styling, hair, and make-up

* Full day of post-processing

* 2 x lunch, fresh pie, beverage, and snacks

* 1 x Diner

* Max. 12 attendees

* Private Facebook group 


* Language: English

* Level: Intermediate / Advanced

* What to bring: Camera, memory cards, laptop/pc with Photoshop installed, optional Wacom tablet.

* Airport/ travel connection: There's a quick direct train connection from Amsterdam airport to Nijmegen City center ( taking a cab from central station Nijmegen to the studio is the quickest way of traveling from there)

* Hotel close to the studio: Vd Valk Nijmegen, Manna or B&B De remketting

* Free parking near the studio

* We want to organize this workshop COVID-19 safety proof.

Attendees must be fully vaccinated or have an official negative test result before entry.


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The cost for this two-day masterclass is €1250,00

After returning a fully filled-in form you receive an invoice for a deposit of 50% of the total amount.

After payment of the deposit, your spot is secured.

The deposit will be refundable until 4 weeks before the workshop date ( 9 & 10 April 2022)

The final invoice payment is three weeks before the workshop date

Registration form Masterclass 9 & 10 April 2022

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